Oct 5, 2022Liked by Arthur Levine

I got to see it last summer, and it was better than I even expected! There are times when you can't tell if a person is a real person on the stage or a rendered/recorded one on the screen.

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Wow! This sounds absolutely wild! I hope I get to see this show one day!

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Sep 29, 2022Liked by Arthur Levine

I experienced this last year at Universal, and was also blown away. As impressive as the technology is, I was equally impressed with the choreography and meticulous timing that had to be performed by the cast to make everything blend.

If you think about it, Universal has been pushing the envelope of the theme park show for 30 years. While watching Bourne I couldn't help but think about the old Ghostbusters Spooktacular show and Terminator 2: 3D experiences at Universal Orlando. Both of those shows were essentially doing the same blend of live-action and technology, just with the lower tech effects that were available at the time.

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