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Like the merger of Sears & Kmart it will distroy Knotts Berry Farm ! Knotts is a Jewel it's an iconic affordable Americano historical landmark , it's for kids & adults & seniors who depend on the park ! For people who need a safe zone , it will disable people with disabilities & seniors who need a park & above all it's the last Park of the old west of California with a true historical background ! I can go on for days about the huge loss & hurt it would bring to so many people including those who come from other states & countries to experience for the first time what America & California & the Old West was about ! Mr & Misses Knott Story & the Boysenberry & Chicken , so please do not take what little we have of heaven away from us or America for that matter , it's the only place left that people greet & live each other & leave the ugliness outside of the Park , where else can we get on a Train or ride a Stage Coach ECT ECT ! .... Let's unite and stop this from happening , don't shoot oursei in the Foot.

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When they said "merger of equals" I really raised my eyebrows.

It's funny that Six Flags is the more known name, but is that a good thing? Most people I know consider Six Flags to be a bit of a run down franchise in need of a lot of care and work to fix it. Magic Mountain in So Cal is *still* getting over the reputation of being a place teens went to misbehave from the 1990s.

If it actually helps both companies be more stable and able to give the parks that need it more attention, I'm for it. But I'm super suspect of company mergers these days being good things. Typically it means "getting rid of redundant departments between the two companies and raising prices for consumers because they're no longer competing."

And they can't touch Knott's Berry Farm at all. No way.

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