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Going to HHN in Florida is currently a bucket list item for my daughter and me. I have never been. My wife, who is not a Halloween fan, said the other day that she would even go (but not visit the houses). Now, I just have to find a time when we are all available!

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I always look forward to HHN haunt reviews, especially on years I can't make it down there (like this one!) However, I totally agree, the original houses always seem to shine the brightest and are almost always my favorites.

It almost never fails that a house I dismiss or overlook winds up being one of my favorites, and often the house I'm most hyped for fails to deliver. For instance, this year I'd have probably considered Dueling Dragons one of the least scary houses on paper. Good to hear HHN is still full of surprises.

Can't wait to get back down there, budget allowing. Maybe next year!

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Ooh! The Dragons coaster one sounds great. That's pretty clever. I went to HHN a couple of times years ago. Might be time to return.

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